Whether you’re a large group or a party of two, we’re here to make your time in New Orleans a true vacation. Whatever your idea of a good time may be, the team at Epic Stork is standing by with access to an array of private services. Let us know if you had something in mind that isn’t on our list and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request.

What’s better than a party bus with your krewe? Let us know the date and time for your plans and we’ll get you closer to partying without the logistical gymnastics.
Take advantage of early reservations at New Orleans best restaurants. We know all the great spots no matter the occasion. Let us know your party size, date and desired time.
Whether you’re with the bride or the groom, we’ve got the resources for both. Let us know your needs and we’ll get back with you shortly.
Want to start the morning off right before the partying begins? Let us know how many in your party, ideal date and time, and we’ll get back to you with options for your own private yoga session.
Rather stay in and spend quality time hanging comfortably in your New Orleans home? Let us know what type of cuisine, number of people, date and time, and we’ll deliver a list of options.

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